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Beyond Diffusion Essential Air Diffuser
Beyond Diffusion Essential Air Diffuser
    Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils
Unique features of the Leyden House Beyond Diffusion Essential Air Diffuser
stop mold mold deterrent from leyden house
     Mold Deterrent Essential Oil Blend
Toxic Mold can make you sick!!

Toxic mold, mold spores and mildew can cause allergies, asthma, ear and eye irritation and negatively effect our sinuses and lungs. It weakens our immune system and can even contribute to memory loss.
Every home has some amount of mold. The amount of mold and the strength of our immune system determines if we will become ill.
Our Mold Deterrent Essential Oil blend is a blend of eight essential oils known to reduce various mold species when diffused in our Essential Air diffusers. Learn more 
sweet dreams essential oil blend
See our essential oil blends
Mold Deterrent
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